Gabrielle 23,000/mo


Gabrielle is one of the best-selling single-attached house models offered at Lancaster New City. Here’s what you’ll be getting with this purchase:

Floor Area: 84 sqm

Lot Area: 120 sqm

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Toilet and Bath
  • Living, Dining, and Kitchen
  • Service Areas
  • Provision for parking two cars

Prior to customizations, this is how the interior would be upon turnover:

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  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Powder coated aluminum window
  • Pre-cast wall panels
  • Painted sand blast finish for exterior walls
  • Painted plain cement finish for interior wall
  • Tiled kitchen counter w/ stainless sink
  • Tiled T&B with complete set of bathroom fixtures (inc. tissue and soap holder)
  • Ceramic tile flooring for living, dining, & kitchen areas
  • Vinyl tile flooring for bedrooms, hallway, and staircase
  • Provision for CATV, telephone & A/C outlet

Take a look at the possibilities that lie within it through the gallery below:

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This single-attached house also has the option of a Family Courtyard. This is a fenced open space between the back of the houses, with individual access gates for each homeowners within the block and a separate gate for the maintenance of said park. Only the grass and fence are provided by the developer while the cost of constructing any gazebos or playground equipment shall be shared by the homeowners of each block.

Family Courtyard

The Gabrielle single-attached house is available through Bank or Inhouse Financing. To see if this house model is just right for your budget, take time to review our sample computation below. Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Gabrielle Sample Computation

Bank Financing

Inhouse Financing

Total Contract Price




Less Reservation Fee

Net Downpayment

Monthly Installment 0% Interest

(12.5%) 371,250.00

– 20,000.00


(15 months) 23,416.67

(30%) 862,125.00

– 20,000.00


(24 months) 35,088.54

Total Loanable Amount



Monthly Amortization

5 years

10 years

15 years

20 years

Estimated 8% Interest






(18%) 52,056.71

(21%) 41,193.41